Appeal for donations to family of Mr Sakthieval Kumarvelu’s family.


An indiegogogo campaign has been created to raise funds for the family of the foreign worker who died in the car accident said to have sparked off the Little India Riot last Sunday. Mr Sakthieval Kumarvelu like many who have come to work here, leaves behind a family who has lost a vital if not only breadwinner of the household.

I may not know Mr Kumarvelu in person, but in my experience with foreign workers here, family is held dearly among them, regardless of their race and country. Like the Bangladeshi father who was devastated by his infant son’s death back home, or the PRC husband who reminisced fondly to us on how he courted his wife.

I imagine Mr Kumarvelu was the same; that he had someone he missed, missing him back.

Visit the link below if u wish to help out.