STB and one Filipino (kinda) defend its lameshit video.

You know, I really don’t like the supertrees.

In the day, they look like strange disembodied veins forming over half of a ball.

“Vein-y ball.” What other vein-y balls can you think of children?

And at night, they look like those fibre optic lamps that were so popular in the 80s.

“Grandma’s disco decor.” I often reminisce.

Nevertheless, I’ve toyed with the idea of visiting Gardens By the Bay this year, till I watched this video by STB yesterday:

I dunno man, it reminds me of those CDIS pre-programme segments also in the 80s:

What can we conclude from all this? That time travel is real and land is so scarce in our Lion City that a section of our civil service has in fact relocated to 1987. #conspiracytheory

Or maybe it was designed specifically to Filipino tastes and it’s the cultural difference that has made Singaporeans “LOL”, explains STB’s executive director, communications & industry marketing, Oliver Chong.

“… the video received a good response from the Philippines market. Chong said that when shared on STB’s Facebook page for the Philippines, the video attracted over 3,400 likes in the first week and garnered some 900 comments, largely positive.”

Orly? If it’s so well received, why pull it off the interwebs STB?


Don’t help that he’s quoted in this report which is followed by 4 affirming quotes by Filipinos who thought the ad was lameshit too. Cept Carlo, who is a really nice guy.

“I think that if they cut all the dialogue it might have worked a lot better – like the Malaysia Truly Asia ads.” -Marco Almira, 22


“ STB has a lot to contend with, as BBDO’s “It’s more fun in the Philippines” has set the bar quite high. He added that the reflection on Filipinos was offending. “If the video (was supposed to) reflect research on Filipino tastes, then yes I am offended. It’s either the data was wrong or the creative sensibilities of the agency behind it was broken at that time. The biggest question I guess is why it was approved by the STB,” – Marketing Philippines’ editor Oliver Bayani

“There’s more to see in Singapore.” – Joven Barceñas, 29

“I think the message was clear, but the execution didn’t have the ‘wow’ element they were trying to achieve. It could still attract tourists from the Philippines, though. Filipinos are family oriented so the video will likely work on us,” Carlo Reston, 29

You know you ded when even the article purportedly written in your defence is not defending you. But at least you have a friend in Carlo. Carlo’s awesome.