Off with his headline!

A slow clap moment, as yet another shit of a headline assaults my eyes.


That’s LOW man…

“So what exactly is wrong with it?” Some might ask.

Well true, it’s a perfectly legitimate highlight of what the writer thinks is the most eye catching aspect of the story.

If you are a jerkwad.

I’d think the drunken misconduct of the deceased would be overshadowed by the fact that the poor man was later pinned under a bus, in a foreign land, with a family back in India.

But I suppose no one stripped further in the chaos, so it’s not headline worthy.

It’s as though by revealing his behaviour to the world, the headline expects us to nod our heads and say he deserved it.

Or are Stomp readers that hungry for salacious details, that one simply cannot allow a pant dropping incident to go unnoticed?

We should also stop and think about what this headline is implying. What type of prejudice it is trying to reinforce in our heavily judgemental society.

Mr Sakthivel Kumaravelu is a victim in a fatal accident.

He did not instigate the riot.

He was drunk and wanted to get back to his dorm.

He deserves a lot more than such a headline that does nothing but humiliate him for a couple of likes from…say it with me now: “JERKWADS.”


9 thoughts on “Off with his headline!

  1. You’re the “Jerkward”, if there is such a word… It is a fact, and the writer is free to express, and so are you. But at least the article contains facts, yours is filled with emotion. Nowhere in the article suggested he instigated the riot. You alluded to it. Who’s the “jerkward” here?

  2. So anyone who is drunk and got their pants undone should be crushed under a bus.

    Then can we start having a few buses roving where the expats hang out every weekend? Robertson Quay, et el?

    Dark skin drunk = under a bus. Humiliated on national media.

    Fair skin drunk with blonde hair = on top of a limousine, ‘unintentionally’ groping local women then just say an ‘Oops, sorry’ with a big smile and a western accent?

    Wtf is wrong with this CUNTry.

  3. I would think a journalist needs to be objective, and should rightfully pick out the most eye-catching and newsworthy aspects of a story to put into the headline regardless of the sort of story or the plight of those involved.

    The story was published a day after the riot. We already know the man is pinned under the bus and that he died in a foreign land — that’s not news. If someone managed to interview his family — what the family members say will indeed be news, but the mere fact that he has a family is not. On that topic, we don’t know that he has a family. Nowhere in the story did it indicate that. The man could very well had been an orphan.

    The only new things that the story revealed are the man’s name and the fact the fact that he drunkenly dropped his pants. Everything else is just background information. I would actually be really appalled if his pants dropping ends up in the last paragraph or something.

    News stories are written based on what is new, not the emotional states of the writers or their socio-political beliefs, and certainly not the interests of those they are reporting on. There is a difference between inference and implication, and this seems to be a clear case of the former.

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